be here now

So I’m sitting on my balcony, feeling a little calmer than the days prior on arrival. Ashley’s wedding is soon approaching, my race is right after, then my trip that I’ve been looking forward to for about two months to Devil’s Lake, and then I’m out. I need to remember how short a month can go. A month? That’s less than my time at Denver Mountain Parks! 🙂

I’m trying to stay in the positive, because being away from all of the people I have grown to love in the past ten months is really weird. I went into the program super annoyed. Dorm life? No thanks! Now, I don’t understand how to function without my ten roommates banging and making sounds when I’m falling asleep. It’s the worst. But, I have stopped thinking that way as best as I can. I get to see my most excellent cat, my parent’s house needs to be reorganized SO badly, and I get to have my gorgeous balcony back! So there are positives.

I also get to see those that I love here. Ashley’s wedding is in nine days; I can’t believe my sister’s not going to be a Wisneski anymore! So proud of her and so happy she has found someone who makes her want to settle and makes her feel whole. Quite an accomplishment!

As for me, life keeps getting in the way, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been blessed in the past six months to have the most wonderful support system. Sun 2, Sun 2.0, Sun 2.6, Sun 8, and the very few who don’t fit into any of those categories – y’all are the reason I never gave up and you are the constant reason I have followed through with my commitments to myself. You never ever once let me give up on finding myself, and I found out who I am through each and every one of you. Special thanks to Em, Ana, Matty, Lynds, Brandon, Michael, Molly and Rach…you guys put up with the brunt of it and were all solid walls for me to lean on. I love each and every one of you!

So. The agenda for me as of late will be: maid of honor dress fitting in an hour (I should shower, I’m still in my post-workout clothes!), hanging with some friends this afternoon, then tomorrow is shopping and cleaning with my mommy and Age & Ang come for dinner, then Friday I have something…that I’m forgetting…oy vey. I do want to start planning my food choices for Devil’s Lake. I wanna do food that can stay in a cooler, but prepare for it to be non-refrigerated. I want protein-packed vegetarian options, and I want them now! Any suggestions would be much appreciated, loves. Otherwise…staying busy, that’s priority number one. So if you’re in Wisconsin and looking for a good time…give me a jingle 🙂


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