have you ever?

Do songs ever “find” you?

Do you know what I mean?

I just read somewhere to stop looking; it’ll find you. It was referencing love, but I think it works perfectly for other things.

I was driving with a friend of mine and she asked me to listen to this song she had just heard because it referenced something she was going through in her life. After each chorus, she’d stop and explain the next sixteen bars of lyrics to me and how they oddly fit her life. Then we’d proceed and listen, and there it was. A song for her life at that time.

I would say that the past year or so has been filled with songs “finding” me. I don’t notice it at first, usually. It can be a song I’ve heard a ton of times. About six months ago, I kept hearing Crooked Teeth by Death Cab. Song I loved in high school, but it kept randomly showing up on Genius mixes on my iTunes. Then I listened. And I laughed to myself. It was pretty odd that some of the words were what I was feeling but not being able to put into words.

Again, keeps happening. Tonight it’s I Would Be Sad by The Avett Brothers. I’d say, though they’re a band I had known about and forgotten until recently, that this is a song that has once again hilariously “found” me. Not all of the song has to fit what you’re feeling in life, but those certain lyrics that pop out and you’re like “No. Way.” Funny, the way life works.

I’ve been talking about fate a lot lately. Fate in reference to faith. I never really thought about it until I was told “you can’t believe in fate if you aren’t spiritual, as you must believe in a higher power making the decision for you, thus being fateful.” I had never thought of it that way. Lucky I’m faithful, I guess. Things are happening for a reason, world. And God laughs so hard at my plans and shakes them up like an Etch-A-Sketch and I roll with it because like the old reliable magnetic sketch pad, I can make something new pretty easily, and even if it looks like shit, it’s still mine and I still did it on my own.


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