on adulthood;

As I sit here, day three of living in Denver and day three of not having a home to live in, I have come across some things that are true about my first time being truly independent:

On money:

  • I still have none
  • My large dependence on one has shifted to little dependence on many
  • I spend it on frivolous things, but these things are hand-crafted, organic, and therefore more conscious choices
  • I will soon have a paycheck, but half will go to rent
  • I have very good friends and family who provide

On relationships (romantic and not so much):

  • They are messy, even from far away
  • I can only wait so long for a response
  • My time in Wisconsin showed me who plans on making a permanent home in my heart
  • I have no interest in dating in Denver but I definitely have a large interest in free meals
  • I should probably go on dates
  • I now have a bed, not a sleeping bag, so in case of emergency…

On living:

  • Sleeping on a futon in a kitchen at age 19: fun, cool, normal
  • Sleeping on a futon in a kitchen at age 24: fun, cool, not that normal but we make it work
  • Sleeping on a futon in a kitchen at age 24 for more than a night: slightly nerve-wracking, annoying imposition, etc
  • I want to have some real food, not sandwiches of many sorts

One thought on “on adulthood;

  1. Nice new blog layout, it looks familiar 😉

    You are living YOUR life, no matter what. I am SO proud of you. You may be in an odd, slightly annoying and somewhat broke place of life right now….but that doesn’t mean your riches and abundance still aren’t there, and won’t continue to come (in multiple ways) in the future. Keep chuggin along — it’s worth it!!!

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