it’s okay

It’s okay to listen to that song that came out when things were different. It’s okay if you play it on repeat a few times, even though it’s shitty rap music and you don’t listen to it unless it comes up as a shuffled song on your iTunes. It’s okay to think of the first time you heard it, then the next week when you sang it at the top of your lungs next to a stripper pole with a girl you don’t (but should) talk to anymore. It’s okay to smile and think of that night as a great one because you were by yourself in public and you were smiling and you felt happy, which was weird for that time in your life.

It’s okay to listen to that song that makes you think of someone else (the person you’re not supposed to be thinking of.) It’s okay because things with them were great – better than the person you were with during that shitty rap song, that’s for sure. It’s okay to remember holding their hand and looking out of their moon roof of their car, cruising through lush forest after a beautiful week together. It’s also okay to miss that person. They weren’t bad, they just weren’t right for that time in your life.

It’s okay to listen to that song that reminds you of the person you’re with now, even if they aren’t there with you to enjoy it. It’s okay to miss them, even when it’s just that they’re gone for work that day or you’re off hanging out with your friends/roommates/cat. It’s okay to listen to a song that the person you’re with sings, even if other people would think it’s a little weird, because you love their voice and you blush when you think they could sing that song to you (even when it wasn’t written about you in the first place.) It’s okay to get butterflies days, weeks, and months into your relationship when you hear those songs and think of them singing it in the car under their breath and you realize you’ve never seen or heard something so beautiful at that time in your life.


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