happy place

I know this is another blog that involves music. Deal with it. I’m feeling quite light on my feet and musical lately, k?

Do you guys (as in my readers, I know I have a couple hundred followers but very few readers…so answer. Just to validate that you’re out there) have a “happy place” song? A song that legitimately makes you smile and go to a warm, snuggly bed in your mind? Or puts you in a cute, beat-up convertible cruising down a long stretch of road in late August? Or maybe you’re the type who hears a special song and imagines being curled up on the couch with a warm cup of tea under a blanket watching the snow or rain fall. Either way. I think everyone has a “happy place” song. I thought of mine yesterday while walking outside with Exhibit A. It was in the mid-60’s (which is AWESOME for January 5!) and we were walking her dog in the park. The sun was shining and there were geese flying around and happy people just enjoying the outdoors…and this song just came into my head.

I think that’s what makes the song a “happy place” song. When you’re not even choosing when it comes and goes from your life. It appears in your head and you don’t really notice. Kind of like a weird soundtrack, where the protagonist has found love/dream job/perfect social life, and the song comes on the upswing and you’re like, “Oh, everything’s okay now!”

It doesn’t even have to be your favorite song. And other people might listen to it and not get that silly butterflies-in-their-stomach type feeling that the song gives you each time, but that doesn’t matter. It’s your song.

So tell me loves, what’s yours?


3 thoughts on “happy place

  1. I love “happy place” songs. Mine is definitely “Come Alive” by the Foo Fighters. It’s an odd choice, cause the song almost has a morose tone to it, but I hear something enlightening behind the message of it, and that’s what makes me happy when I hear it! 🙂

    p.s. love the opening line to this post. music should be blogged about, regardless of how many people are doing it! keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. Right now it’s Brandi Carlile’s “Have You Ever?”

    Like Stephanie, I get happy from a lot of songs that aren’t intentionally uplifting. The music, the artist, just make me happy. It changes over time, but you always can come back. Green Day, Liz Phair, Lady Gaga, Violent Femmes, Adele, Dixie Chicks, Black Eyed Peas. I find one and listen compulsively until I can’t stand it any more! (I even went through a Lisa Marie Presley phase with her first disc.)

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