pumped up kicks

Last night, I had a riveting conversation with my roommates and Sporty Spice. Well, at least I liked it. We were talking about how we as an American society become dormant in the winter, like bears that hibernate. One of my roomies disagreed, saying he joined a spin class two years ago and lost a good amount of weight. We decided it’s because he’s Asian and Asians don’t do the dormancy thing (this explains a little – we decided because his genes trace back to Asia and Asians have a longer farming time, he just can’t be dormant. I told ya, riveting stuff.)

I totally fall victim to winter dormancy. I was kicking ass and taking names this summer, y’all! ‘Before Exhibit A’ can attest to this, and probably Exhibit A (but she never would.) When I first moved to Denver, I had just completed my half marathon and was in the best shape I’d been in since before my surgery when I rocked a sweet six-pack. I literally ran laps around my competitors. I raced hot, skinny bitches in AmeriCorps’ version of the Olympics and kicked their asses. If you looked at me now, though, you’d question that.

It’s not that I’ve gotten fat, per se, it’s that I’ve gotten straight up lazy. It’s been said that when you fall in love, you both get lazy. With Before Exhibit A, we were both pretty darn athletic, I think. He was an avid rock climber and I was still a running machine. Now, this is not to say Exhibit A isn’t athletic or outdoorsy by any means, because she definitely is, but I think we both choose brunch over burning calories…every time.

I am getting stoked for spring, though. Along with the tree buds and flowers, I liven up. I absolutely love daylight savings time (I know I’m in the minority!) because it forces me to wake up, and I’m such an early bird as it is. I’ve switched my work schedule at health food place to work two weekdays a week and take off the weekends. That leaves Saturday as my only day off from work, but it’s better than no days off (I haven’t had one in three weeks and I think I’m starting to go nuts. I in fact said “donuts make me go nuts!” today at work. Not a good sign.) I’d like to get back in the running three days/strength training three days habit I was in when I was training. I found that worked well. Even if I don’t train for a race, I can get a goal length of a run started. I’d like to run 15 miles. 25k sounds cooler than “I ran a little more than a half marathon!”

I think a big part of my running started with my breakup last year. When I broke up with my fiance, I found that I had a ton of free time. That sounds odd, since it was a long distance relationship, but I spent a lot of my time on the phone with him having conversations about nothing. A lot of storytelling involving people that the person on the other end knew nothing about. After the breakup (during my runs) I would think of the words “long” and “distance” over and over. It really inspired me. I couldn’t handle that long distance relationship — so why not try to kick serious ass at this long distance relationship?

As I’ve stated before, I take running seriously. I think writing about it amps me up to want to do it now. Hilariously, I have absolutely no time in my immediate future, but in the not-so-distant I can start my training schedule. It’s putting it into words that makes it real for me. Wish me luck, y’all. Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ll start running to Saturday brunch? Whatever gets me to a mimosa…I mean my running goal… 😉


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