gay friday, gay sunday, and other gay days

Hello, sweet baby angels! Hope your Saturday mornings are as delightful as mine has been so far. Well…I’ve woken up, checked my email, done a little chatting with Exhibit A and decided we’ll go on our first-ever run together (this is a make-it-or-break-it moment for us, so say a little prayer, y’all) and received an email from LesbianBlogs saying they’ve fixed the little mistakes we had on the website and hopefully I’ll be up on there in all legit reality soon – so please,remember to boost me and comment!

In other news, I’ve got a little topic I wanted to bring up. About two months ago, Exhibit A and I went on a little excursion we delightfully named Gay Friday. What is Gay Friday, you ask? Well, for most Denverites, Gay Friday is First Friday. See, there’s First Friday Art Walk, and there’s First Gay Friday. There’s a distinction that only a true Denverite can interpret. I did not understand this. Well, Exhibit A and I celebrated Gay Friday not on a First Friday (first weekend of the month), rather, just a different one. We realized that we mostly hang with straight folks like Santa’s Little Helper danceand Sporty Spice and my roomies, not usually any gay gals. Exhibit A loves her some whiskey (I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned this before. If I haven’t, I am shocked and appalled, really) and so we decided to head over to There Bar with Urlacher and get real whiskey drunk. For starters, I had to work. I came back home to Urlacher and Exhibit A in bed watching The L Word (aka reading the lesbian bible) and eating burritos, with a bottle of red wine already demolished. I liked where this was going. We (they) realized that even though it was only like…8:30 pm, we had to get out or they would pass out. We proceeded to head to the bar and committed a sin by showing up at 9, clearly, because nobody was there. We then just basically got drunk next to a drag queen and watched Femme Fatale, which according to our bartender (he called himself a toxicologist, actually) is a dyke classic. Huh. Whoda known?

Basically the night ended with us ramming some Pete’s Kitchen into our throats at 3 am with a coworker of mine who had stumbled in. Exhibit A then heard me say I was cold, drew a bath (at like 3:30 am, which still cracks me up) and when I sat in it, her cat came into the bathroom where her litterbox is and pooped, so out I went. A two minute warm-up bath was nice, I ‘spose.

As for Gay Sunday, that holiday was celebrated last weekend at Exhibit A’s church, located in Boulder and known as a church in the Reconciling Ministries Network – a place for all of us homos to call home! We celebrated Reconciling Sunday last week and it was delightful. For starters, the church was all gussied up in cute rainbow decor and I got to teach Sunday school and give the kiddos rainbow stoles to wear. Just all around cutetown. The Denver Gay Men’s Chorus came and sang songs from such lovely hits as Newsies, and the pastor apologized on behalf of the church for its years of oppression towards the LGBT community. Not a dry eye was in the house. Absolutely lovely! We then had lunch with Exhibit A’s ex girlfriend and her new current girlfriend, which you can read about briefly here,  and that was about it.

Basically, I’m realizing a few things after Gay Friday and Gay Sunday.
A – I have a lot of straight friends here in Denver
B – I have a couple gay friends here in Denver
C – I need to get out more

So, loves, I will now take recommendations (from who I’m assuming are my readers that are from Denver that I do not know!) Please, please, tell me your secrets. Your inexpensive secrets. The ones that don’t happen on a Saturday night (according to Exhibit A, Saturday night is bumpin’ for the lezzies but we can’t go because of church in the morning #churchgoinggaygirlproblems) so help a sister out! I want to do more than go to City O’ on a Sunday night because I know it’s great. Tell me the other gay days! HELP! I need to get out and experience these things more.

Also, I’ve added a reference page to the top of my blog. That way, when I reference someone in code name (Exhibit A, Santa’s Little Helper, etc.) you can go there and remind yourself. That way I don’t have to repeatedly link back to old blog entries and confuse your brain any more than I already do.

Happy Saturday, y’all! The temps in Denver are outta control – wish me luck as I enter this crazy running extravaganza today!


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