here’s to women’s kisses, and to whiskey, amber clear;

…not as sweet as a woman’s kiss,
but a darn sight more sincere!

This post is my way of honoring all that is good and well this Saturday – the ever delightful, highly-anticipated, favorite holiday of my best friend – St. Patrick’s Day!

I am amped up for this holiday, people. Like…really amped up. What isn’t to love?

  • Beer. So much beer.
  • Whiskey. Copious amounts of the gay girl’s dream drink.
  • Tasty foods. To soak up the mad amounts of sun-up boozin’.
  • Sun-up boozin’. Normally I’d take off work for this holiday, but it lands on a Saturday — no missed work necessary!

All of this being said is thrilling! Hilariously, I should be hating this holiday. Why, you say? Sinner, you shout! Well…

It is my former anniversary with my ex.

I know, right? Take it all in. It’s gonna be a weird holiday to be celebrating one year after crying my eyes out because I knew our relationship was past the point of trouble.

Crazy, huh? I thought so. I think it’s terribly important to remember things like this. I’m having such a Ferris Bueller moment, though:

So weird to one year ago. I was in such a bad place. Now I kind of feel like I’m on top of the world. Again…it’s weird.

But! Moving onward and forward to a VERY IMPORTANT POST.

Beer. BEER, Y’ALL. BEER!!!!!

I will now grace you with my favorite beers that I’ve had in the past year since living in fabulous Denver and dating beautiful people who also love beautiful beers. In no particular order. I CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS! (P.S. ladies and gentlemen, I’ll try not to turn you on with my weird attempt at having extensive beer knowledge, k? I can’t help it. It’s sexy when a woman knows her beer. I’ll try not to make you have to have a private (or not so private) moment later.)

  • F.Y.I.P.A. (Vine St. Pub and Brewery) – This is my go-to beer when I’m at Vine St. (Denver) or Mountain Sun (Boulder.) It’s. So. Good. It’s hoppy, but not too hoppy…for those who fear an IPA, I don’t find it overwhelming. Then again, I don’t suck and fear IPAs. It’s bitter and delicious. And honestly, it smells like ganja. To me, there’s nothing better than rolling into Vine St. on a warm day (like today in Denver, SHOOT it’s been a nice week!) and grabbing a pitcher of this, then heading outside to play bags and have fun with friends. Those times are the best and this beer matches it perfectly. So effin’ refreshin’.
  • Vanilla Porter (Breckenridge Brewery) – For starters, I’m sitting here drinking this. Right now. Yeah, so it’s in the 70° region of my day, so what? The season still says it’s winter and I’m gonna just drink this winter beer and pretend. While I write outside. Barefoot. …anyway, this beer kicks major ass. Some may say it’s heavy on the vanilla; I say it’s just right. I think porters can be (gasp!) boring, and this one surely isn’t. When it’s really cold, it seems to be at its peak for flavor – malty, thick, almost brown sugary, not a ton of head that can sometimes make porters annoying…I just love it. For all seasons. Clearly.
  • Titan IPA (Great Divide Brewing Company) – Eff. Yeah. This beer rocks my world. It’s usually one of the firsts that I grab when I’m getting a quick to-go pack (that or its lighter, easier-to-drink brother, Denver Pale Ale) for a party or for Exhibit A and I to kick back and enjoy. It’s so hoppy, y’all. If you’re a hop-freak like I am, dive right into this sucker. It’s got mad flavor…I’m talking herbal notes. It dries my mouth the way a good Malbec does. And mama loves herself some Malbec. I just like this beer for sippin’ on. I also love GDBC’s labeling…I’m a sucker for uniformity. Just all around good stuff.
  • Girl Scout Stout (Vine St. Pub and Brewery) – So when you hear someone say stout, you close your eyes and imagine a few things: Guinness on tap, creamy head, black like midnight…pretty much all lovely thoughts. This stout does not disappoint! Here’s the story: Exhibit A’s dog is a total dick (or a savant, I can’t decide) who ate all of my Girl Scout cookies not once, but twice. The first time I had left them in the living room…stupid. Second time he muscled his way into the kitchen when we left and found all three boxes. Let me tell you what a delight cleaning that up was. …it wasn’t. So when I hit up Stout Month (all February long, suckas) at Vine St., I have to say this was the first beer that caught my eye. I had a sampler of the Cafe Amaretto Stout with this and my tastebuds did a little happy dance. I warmed it up in my hands a little before drinking it because I don’t like my stouts to be too cold, and shoot, it was good. You can smell the mint and taste the cocoa power and all of it melds to taste like a liquid Thin Mint that gets you drunk. What’s not to love? It’s the slow sipping of the brew that makes it special, and this one takes the cake for me on stouts.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I hope y’all enjoy your holiday and keep it safe – I’ll be out celebrating in the sunshine. Last year it snowed, tomorrow’s forecast is sunny and 75°. Funny how life changes, eh?


2 thoughts on “here’s to women’s kisses, and to whiskey, amber clear;

  1. It’s not always very easy to find, but if you ever find Mikeller’s Koppi Tomahawk x Odoo Shakiso Coffee IPA, you might just shit yourself it’s so good. Beware it’s an expensive bottle but so worth it. If you’re not already on it we should be friends on Untappd. Get that shit and start checking into your beers.

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