Exhibit A has things to say.

Hey there, rainbow dream ponies. Exhibit A here.

Miss Halfway asked me to write a guest blog. Of course I agreed. This blog is like crack for my ego. I mean, look around this place – I’m totally awesome! Apparently I am super cute, funny, supportive, great at listening, and so much more. Thanks, Interwebs!

I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret: I’m not actually as great as Miss Halfway makes me out to be. Crushing blow, I know, but its true. For every glowing compliment I receive from her there are probably 50 things I do that could counter it. Let’s explore a couple of these:

Miss Halfway says, “There she is. Exhibit A. Hands down probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Exhibit A says, “I stained my shirt yesterday. A spot on each boob. One with avocado, the other with spicy mayo aioli. All from one single bite of my sandwich.”

Miss Halfway says, “There has never been a reason for me to question my relationship with Exhibit A.”

Exhibit A says, “My cat puked in the hallway last night and I haven’t even considered cleaning it up.”

See what I mean? Anyway, isn’t this blog supposed to be about beer, food, and running? It’s March in Colorado and I could not be happier. If there are three things that we do well here in CO, it’s food, beer, and running – sometimes all at the same time. (Let me clarify, by “we” I mean everyone else but me. I do not run. I drink and eat and watch other people run. Miss Halfway tries to get me to run. I think she is really plotting my death.) It’s warm, sunny, and beautiful. Puffy down jackets are replaced with shorts and flip flops. The patios of breweries are filled with people fresh off of their morning kickball games. Miss Halfway has filled her closet with 6 different pairs of workout pants, 2 new pairs of running shorts, and 3 new running shirts. Everyday is an opportunity to share your front porch with the neighbors and a 6 pack of Denver’s finest local brew. Bikes are tuned up. The streets are lined with the awful ass-smell of dogwood trees. Spring is in the air.

People in Denver are extra nice in March. They have just come down from the mountains and are excited to see fresh faces and new sun burns. Everyone wants to say hello. Everyone wants to pet my dog. My favorite homeless man comes back out to the streets, full of smiles and waves. Friends are eager to ask about my feelings on Stout Month at Vine Street. “Did you try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout? How about the Thunderhead? The Nihilist? Ohmygoditwassogoodkdfjhdjkfzhd;kjesioiseudrool.” Everyone is out and about and so happy. Everyone stays in town on the weekends. Everyone sleeps with the windows open. Miss Halfway wears cute skirts! Springtime kicks off the best of what Colorado has to offer. Soon we will head back to the mountains, this time to camp and climb and bike. The summertime will bring the best live music anyone could ask for. The next 6 months will feel like this:

Pretty great, huh? Grab a beer. Eat a street taco. Take off your shirt. Go for a run. Springtime is here!


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