the gayest day in colorado…like, ever, and why i’m pissed about it

So Exhibit A and I woke promptly at 6:30 this morning and popped open the laptop to tune into the United Methodist Church’s General Conference (we keep it sexy and fresh, I know.) This affects us because A – we’re both United Methodists (I hold dual membership in the UMC and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or ELCA), B – she works in a United Methodist church, and C – we’re Christian folks who actually give a shit (hehe.)

We tuned in because there’s a big effing vote happening, y’all! This only happens every four years, so we’ve gotta make it count. The vote was on Homosexuality and the Unity of the Church. Basically, the UMC has some pretty hateful language against the LGBTQ community, and every year since 1972 they’ve attempted to remove it. And every year it gets shot down. It’s not surprising – frankly, it is expected. But the epic win goes to the delegate from (I believe) Nigeria who said, I shit you not…

Homosexuality is like bestiality, and God does not create any gay or lesbian people.

Pardon. Me?

I’m about to get reaaaaaal Tyra up in here:

Hey, United Methodist Church. Here’s something you need to hear, k?

The LGBTQ community could very quickly up and leave you. And that would suck. Whether or not churches admit it, membership is a top priority. Without numbers at least staying stagnant, if not rising, the church is kind of doomed. And the church is not being very welcoming by using non-inclusive language in the Book of Discipline. Here’s a fun fact: If you want membership, open your hearts, minds, and doors like you say you do. You are going to terrify new members in the up-and-coming world. LGBTQ acceptance is becoming more common. It’s becoming a norm. Remember when women couldn’t vote? Remember when black and white students couldn’t go to school together? Remember when homosexuals couldn’t be out in the military? These are things of the past, and they aren’t perfect — they are a work in progress. But do you see women giving up? Do you see African-Americans giving up? Do you see the LGBTQ community stopping service to their country?

Didn’t think so.

We aren’t going to stop our fight. We can lose over and over and over. But here’s the thing – as long as we have to keep fighting, we’ll do it. And we’ll do it with a smile and a song in our hearts. And eventually, we’ll win. And you’ll join us and laugh on the time we think back to the preposterous idea that we are lesser a child of God than you.

Andy Schmidt, Nora SchmidtAs I write this, Exhibit A is being the most beautiful, wonderful human and rallying at the Colorado Capitol building advocating for civil unions in the state of Colorado. The vote takes place today and I’m shakin’ in my boots, y’all. The thing I don’t get about the drama of civil unions is stated best by (out lesbian!) Senator Lucia Guzman:

“This falls far, far short (of marriage). It is lesser, separate and unequal. Yet, thousands of people in Colorado long for this.”

So true, but hey, how dare we advocate for the most basic of rights to be treated like the rest of the hetero-normative society in which we live, right?

I’m pretty fired up about these two issues, but I’m also pretty stoked for Colorado as a whole. The Rocky Mountain conference of the United Methodist Church is ready to make a change. The church that I attend and that Exhibit A works at is so beautiful in their inclusiveness to ALL who wish to attend. The state of Colorado and namely the city of Denver is vocal and loving about their wish to move forward with civil unions. It’s up to us as advocates to keep this movement alive and well with the fire and passion we all have. Look around at what you can do. Join a rally. Watch the UMC vote and stay informed. Start a Facebook group. Look for information online and join an advocacy group. Don’t let the fire stop when the sun goes down, because I and the rest of the world could really use your help right now.


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