tallying up wins and losses


North Carolina:

“Gay marriage” isn’t in the United States. Obama has said he believes this is a state issue, but North Carolina decided to one-up themselves by banning it. Amendment One is a mess. Let’s read, shall we?

Sec. 6. Marriage.Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts.

All right. So. Marriage between a man and a woman is the only legalized form of marriage in the state of North Carolina. Funny…it wasn’t different before. So basically Amendment One is just solidifying their position of hate by reiterating the point? Cool, y’all. Cause those homos are so awful and all.

The discriminatory language used by the senators and house representatives in North Carolina is downright frightening.

We are not anti-gay; we are pro-marriage. And the point — the whole point — is simply that you don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design for marriage based on the demands of a group of adults. – Tami Fitzgerald, chairwoman, Vote for Marriage NC

Woah, lady. First off, “nature of God’s design for marriage?” Pardon you, but just because the Old Testament had some male and female marriages doesn’t mean jack shit today. Do you think your beloved Jesus would be turning away the gays and lesbians who are just asking to be able to hold each other in the hospital, to have the same financial relief necessary in a partnership, to wear a beautiful dress or suit and stand next to each other? I think not. Pretty sure Jesus would have hung with us. And held an extra arm from his leper friend for ultra clapping abilities.

Civil Unions dying in the House:

What the hell, Colorado? We were on a roll! We’re such a weird mix of super liberal and insanely conservative in this state, I get so effing confused.

Here’s what went down: Civil effing unions finally made it through the Senate in Colorado. It was epic. There was celebration, high-fiving, probably a good amount of celebratory gay sex (nothing gets your motor running like equality!) and equally as many beers. Next step was the Republican-dominated (by one!) House. And the House is sassy.
STORY BREAK: I had to go to the Capitol for work about a month ago. I was going to accept an award declaring this random day as “Place Where Miss Halfway Works Day.” I work for a peace organization that works with kids and Nobel Peace Laureates. Simple enough? No. I walked into the Senate and heard them bashing our peace organization. Saying we “didn’t care about national security because our youth participants called for disarmament of weapons.” What? The action died in the House. Big fat fail, Colorado.
So, we’re in the House. It passes through to allow it to be voted on. Once a bill passes through allowing a vote, it then needs to go through the Finance committee, and then needs to be debated on the House floor. No big deal, right?

False. There’s this thing, called filibustering, and it sucks. It’s basically when people who don’t want a bill to be debated on the docket, they just ramble about other bills, therefore running the clock and “killing” the bill, which needed to be brought through debate and voted on in three days.

The part that sucks so hard is that we had Republicans on our side! We had people who clearly stated they believe it’s a right. Bahhhhh. Dammit, Colorado.

General Conference:

Though I just wrote about this, I’m not really over it. The United Methodist Church, which I just joined in December because my beautiful pastors opened their doors to me and accepted me for who I am, crapped all over me and thousands of members by keeping non-inclusive language in their Book of Discipline. As of right now, and for the next four years, “homosexual acts are incompatible with Christian teaching.”

I’m not gonna get into this one again. I’ll just leave this question posed for anyone who would like to answer: Where does Jesus (CHRISTIAN teachings) say anything about homosexuality being incompatible? Where? Ugh.



Finally, brother! You campaigned on this issue, then you shut your silly mouth for your first term, but hey, we’ll take it when we can get it. If you live under a rock, get out, it’s sunny up here! Also, Obama affirmed his belief in not just civil unions, but for gay marriage. As in he believes the LGBTQ community can also join in the chaos that is a lifetime together recognized by the individual state. The fact that it took him this long is frustrating, but he adorably referred to Sasha and Malia, stating that they didn’t understand why their friends with LGBTQ parents were treated differently. (Because they are dirty sinners, girls!) But seriously, I am jacked up!

Some people are pissed that he came out with this affirmation one day after the North Carolina bit, but after I bitched about this to Exhibit A, she pointed out that it was in fact pretty strategic politically. North Carolina did what Obama clearly stated that he supported, unfortunately. It’s a state issue. And North Carolina made it one. And it sucked. But, that’s the thing about state decisions – they aren’t national. And with Obama now stating this, he’s made a clear line of support for his campaign. Sorry to say, but money is a forefront issue for campaigning, and though Obama may have just lost some support, he solidified SO much more! The LGBTQ community has their first president that they can stand behind in support. Now, if we could talk about foreign policy…. 🙂 Just kidding.

The civil unions aren’t “dead” yet!:

Governer Hickenlooper, you sassy angel. You brew beer, you care about energy and probably women in tank tops, and you get emotional about the homos. Hickenlooper has called for special sessions to talk about the civil unions bill, along with over 30 other Senate bills that were dropped. I can’t stress enough how great this is! Mostly because civil unions are a total shaft job, and the fact that the LGBTQ community isn’t even allowed that is absolutely ridiculous. (But what do you mean, a total shaft job? They’re just like marriages!) False.

Civil unions vs. marriage (via the Denver Post)
• The Colorado Constitution defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
• On the state and federal levels, there are tax differences between married couples and couples in civil unions.
• Under the Colorado Civil Unions Act, parties to a civil union would not be allowed to file joint state or federal income-tax returns.
• Couples in a civil union do not have the protection of COBRA.
• Couples in a civil union do not have the benefits of Social Security.
• Civil unions are typically not recognized outside the state that granted them. They are typically not portable.
• Couples in a civil union cannot sponsor a spouse for citizenship.

So why do we fight for civil unions? So we can feel one step closer to normal, really. At least that’s why I do. Absolutely ridiculous that it’s even a fight. It’s my personal matter who I love, who I marry, and who I enter any form of a union with…not anyone else’s. Sorry.

If, one day, I decide I want to take another stab at marriage, I want it to be with whomever I choose. Not who the government says it can be. My apologies, world, but I already attempted wedded bliss (to a man, at that) and shit hit the fan. So if I choose to be with a woman, man, or anything in between, you’d better give me a chance. Until then, I’m holding my head high and fighting the good fight. Cause there’s something wrong with you if you don’t find real love to be “good enough” for your marriage laws.

Also, I wanted an excuse to post this photo of Exhibit A and I looking cute wearing bright clothes, holding hands in the ungodly place that is Texas. Suck it, haters, homos are everywhere.


4 thoughts on “tallying up wins and losses

  1. I want to hear more about the benefits straight couples enjoy that gay couples are denied. I’ve heard it’s over 1,000 benefits, one being allowed in the hospital while your partner is sick, which you mentioned above. What else?

  2. This whole deal is just disgusting and what is even more disgusting is that anyone has to be grateful about the small parcels of decency that are doled out, compared to the indignities that have been suffered so far. Seems like “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” has gone out the window. Now it’s take the crumbs you get and deal with it. Thanks for this article – one day in my old age, I truly hope to see that “liberty and justice for all” is meted out equally across the spectrum.

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