you, my dear friends, are here.

Hi, world.

Hi, 286 followers and other readers (I want to say countless other readers, but I mean, I could probably count you).

Hi, random folks who find this.

Hi, mom. Hi, sibs. (I’d say hi, dad, but he doesn’t own a computer).

I am gay. You are all aware of this. I talk about it. A lot.

But I just wanted to thank you. I was talking with Sporty Spice on Gchat today and he said the following:
Sporty Spice:1:59 PM 

  but now I know you’re legit
  and have for a while
  you now identify as a lesbian?
  that’s exciting to me
  for some reason
2:00 PM me: haha
 Sporty Spice: very cool
 me: I realized when I went home to talk with my parents that nothing about me wanted to be with a man ever again, and all of the things that I thought were just the men I was with was actually man, as in male, completely.
 Sporty Spice: ahhhh
  very cool
  This I like
2:01 PM I think your story is one of the most fascinating of all coming out stories
  mainly because I know you so well and haven’t been around someone when they realized this stuff
  2:02 PM me: yeah, it’s outrageous to me too sometimes.
 Sporty Spice: I think (your story) is badass
  good shit

Guys. Gals. That is huge. Good googly moogly. First off, someone reads this! Second, aww. What I really like is that I’ve gotten to go through the coming out process in 2011/2012. This is a great time to be gay, y’all. And it keeps getting better! Every day in the news, there’s more and more positive light shined on the LGBTQ community, and I’ve been surrounded by giant pillow people (re: DJ Tanner – queen of Pillow People) who have been nurturing, loving souls. Y’all have been instrumental not only in my coming out process, but in my transition of leaving the Midwest and supporting me mentally, emotionally, and sometimes fiscally (I love you, AP and sister!).

Basically, this is a big fat smooch on the face for each and every one of you who reads this. I’ve been publishing more work lately and feeling overall pretty excellent about it. After two weeks, I’ll be done at my job and starting to write for dollars, so if any of you would like to assist in that (basically I just want Rookie or Jezebel or someone to read this and pay me, okay?!) then let me know.

I love your faces, world. I especially love when I see the reflection of my blog on them. xoxo.


One thought on “you, my dear friends, are here.

  1. You little slut! You copy and pasted our conversation. I feel so… so… honored. But you couldn’t embellish my dialogue to make me seem like a noble citizen of strong moral fiber with a massive package?! Unbelievable.

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