Hiiiiiieeeee. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, and even that…posted something original. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. I’ve been super busy, though!

I now write for some places. People like the words I say, and they’re even willing to pay me for it! I’ll be writing for Out Front Colorado from now on, while attending grad school and doing two other ministry jobs. Because I like to be so busy my eyes can’t follow what I’m doing and it always looks like I’m solving a math problem in my head.

There are two reasons for this post:
One: I want to tell you who I am, since now I’m linking to this blog and it’s easy to figure out, and
Two: I want to tell you about a thought I had this morning!

So! The big reveal!

My name is Alison Wisneski. Hello! I am so excited to meet you!











I am 25, I live in Denver, and I am a writer, student, daughter, sister, girlfriend, runner, drinker, sleeper, animal lover, human extraordinaire! I’m so glad to know you!

I won’t reveal anything about other people’s names A – because it’s fun and B – because that’s not my place. But I will show photos, and you will like it. For example, I think my girlfriend is super gorgeous like, every day. Even right now, as she sits across from me on the phone with her mom wearing a button-up shirt, gym shorts, and a trucker hat. Yeah. That’s a look she put together all on her own. But when she’s not sporting that, she looks like this:











I mean, right? Are you kidding me? I am the luckiest girl EVER. Not only is Exhibit A gorgeous, she’s probably one of the most excellent human beings to occupy the airspace we all share here on planet Earth. Which brings me to POINT NUMBER TWO:

Have you ever thought about people who save you? I’m not talking about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who will bring us all from eternal damnation (Can you imagine if I spoke like that?! Yikes.) I’m talking about people who enter your life at exactly the right time. You may not see it then, but that doesn’t make it untrue, and it’s usually noticeable later down the road, be that weeks, months, or years.

This came into my mind when Exhibit A and I were having our morning coffee (tea for her, freak) on our front porch. We were talking about her exes. I had just dreamed about one, and she had dreamed about another one. Small world, full of annoying dreams. I digress: we went ahead and just dove right in. She basically told me about her arrival in Denver, with other stories peppered in. We talked about her ex and how terribly things had ended with her, which was the reason she stated she never wanted to date someone who identified as bisexual (it never ends well for her). She then talked about who she wished she would have started to talk with when things got bad with her, instead of mostly just keeping it all in. This also included people she wished she would have known at the time: Santa’s Little Helper and Sporty Spice, and their other bestie (newly introduced!), Chelsea Clinton at the Prom. Those three are still her closest friends. They met when she left Dallas and moved to Denver for work, and they were with her through the torrential relationship crash that was her terrible ex. These three people met her at probably the lowest point in her life, yet they saw all of the good in her and worked on a regular basis to pull it out. That job is not fun. But they did it, and probably with a smile on their faces. Because they saw the potential for Exhibit A to be what she is today: a lovely, fun, exciting person who doesn’t fear to love anymore. And that’s what a good friend should want: for you to be the happiest you can be. I think that Exhibit A’s friends saved her, even though they didn’t know it. They’re incredible.

I know for me, my friends wanted that. When I broke up with my ex, I immediately called my two best friends (after my mom, of course). They were both heartbroken; not because they loved my ex, it was quite the opposite. Rather, they knew I was about to enter a hard place, and they didn’t want me to feel the way they knew I was going to feel. But they stuck through it. I talked to one of those two lovely ladies yesterday, and she reminded me of that whole situation. They were prepared to tell me they didn’t want to be involved in my wedding because they didn’t think it was a good idea, yet here I was, nearly two years out of this relationship that ended up being so toxic that I couldn’t breathe, and I was talking about my heart being full as I hit my one year anniversary with Exhibit A. I had this person on the other line sound truly and genuinely happy for me. She saved me and spoke to me from a place of love every single time I called her, whether it was to cry about how hurt I was after the breakup or when I came out to her. I know she’s in my life for a reason, as are many others.

Everyone has that person/those people who “save” them. They’re the ones who may not always be there physically, but they’re always there. Their spirit surrounds you with warmth, love, and constant care – as does yours to them. I hope we can all take the time to be grateful for those people who just love you for who you are on a daily basis – they are the strength that keeps us going.



4 thoughts on “wonderwall

  1. Amazing to see how much you’ve grown this past year! More exciting times ahead! Glad you’re happy, healthy, loving and loved! Love you!

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