the thrifty guide to a dryer pedestal

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, world, but I’ve got some big news!

The lovely Exhibit A has bought a home!

We’ve moved to a quiet neighborhood in Denver and are really settling in (we’re both Cancers, so nesting is kind of our thing) and have just been putting the place together. It’s been a blast!

But…more importantly…we…bought…


These bad boys, to be exact.

And life was good. Until the Lowe’s delivery man said that he couldn’t install the dryer because our vent hole was on the floor.

I just stood there, like “um, what? Right. There’s a hole. Put the silver tube on it and MAKE IT DRY, JERK.” Turns out, that’s not a thing.

(For the dryer illiterate [aka me 20 hours ago], the hose connector for the dryer is on the back. When the hole is in the floor AND in the corner of the small room, your tube would be crushed from being set on top, non-efficiently drying your clothes and most likely starting a lint fire pretty damn quickly.)

He wouldn’t install it because he wanted to keep his job. I understood that. So instead, I decided to purchase a washer and dryer pedestal so we could have some ballin’ drawers that also gave us the clearance to put the hose in correctly.

Um, hi. WHY ARE THESE SO EXPENSIVE? Then I was like, “Oh, Pinterest will have some that we can make. They’ll totes be cute and cheap.” Um. They’re hard to build and still around $100! Over it.

Instead…my great pal Santa’s Little Helper came over. We have some pallets that we got for free from a meat packaging plant, and we took those apart and used the 2×4 pieces. We cut them to about 25 inches, stacked them together and screwed them in with 3 inch screws. Done on both sides, we attached the hose and lifted the dryer on. The result?
ImageNOT HALF BAD. Considering it was 45 minutes of work and cost $0, I’d say it was a big success. I also would like to say that I do plan on painting them and securing the dryer to the wood better, but I had laundry to do so I’m kind of over it.

If you have the trouble of having a poorly placed dryer vent hole, I’d say this is the best way to go. Best of luck, loves!


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